Rotten egg odor that stunk up Philly came from NJ refinery

Officials say the acrid oder of rotten eggs that wafted through Philadelphia has been blamed on a power outage at a refinery just across the river from the city.

The foul odor first was reported to dispatchers at Philadelphia Gas Works around 9:30pm Friday. Complaints about the stench then flowed into the city's 911 system.

Some calls were even received from neighboring Bucks County, miles away.

About 90 minutes later, city officials determined the smell was caused by a kind of sulfur-based additive. They said it wasn't dangerous.

PBF Energy in Paulsboro, New Jersey, said Saturday a brief loss of power at the refinery shortly before 8pm Friday resulted in "flaring and odors." The refinery is located just across the Delaware River.

PBF says on its website, "The Paulsboro refinery processes a variety of medium and to heavy sour crude oils and predominantly produces gasoline, heating oil and aviation jet fuel. The refinery also manufactures Group I lubricant base oils. In addition to its finished clean products slate, Paulsboro produces asphalt and petroleum coke."

The company apologized.