Rowan University students urged not to drink campus water due to lead

"M R.A. was really helpful with telling us. They put a lot of posters on the board," said McClellan.

University officials say an employee first noticed the water in Linden Hall was discolored. Over the past month the university performed tests on the water in that building and several others on the same water line. They say the tests found elevated levels of lead and iron in the water.

"As of right now we're still in a testing mode so in the residence halls we tell the students don't drink the water and we're supplying them with water. So just bottled water to brush your teeth and be able to cook," Joe Cardona with University Relations.

Tonight, staff held a meeting for students who still have questions after receiving the detailed email with warnings and precautions they should take. Officials say only five students came leading them to believe most are informed.

"On campus there's different water filling stations that have filters that cut out the lead so we're installing more of those around campus," Cardona.

Stephanie Revas says staff has done a great job getting information out and she isn't too concerned.

"Not really because I mostly didn't drink the water anyway. I had drinks in my go fridge," she said.

Officials say according to the EPA and CDC lead is not absorbed through skin so showering, washing hands, clothes and kitchen utensils is safe.

They believe the lead in the water is due to the old age of the buildings on campus. Officials say studies will take months to complete.

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