Runaway cow takes refuge at Chick-fil-A

An elusive, runaway cow in Noblesville, Indiana gave police a run for their money and eventually made a break for Chick-fil-A, of all places.

Police officers chased the cow around the east side of town Saturday, and part of it was caught on video.

The video shows the bovine stopping traffic on the parkway as it ran toward Chick-fil-A with officers in tow.

"So this just happened!!!!" the video shot by Athena Hopkins was captioned.

"I'm dying here," says someone on the video breaking out into laughter. "Hey, is it like a promo for Chick-fil-A?"

Noblesville police posted about the incident and encouraged anyone who captured photos or videos of the "cowboy adventure" to share it with them. Police said they were eventually able to corral the cow and return it to its rightful owner.