Sanitation workers face challenges every day during COVID-19 pandemic

When we talk about social distancing and safety during coronavirus pandemic ask yourself how many people have as much exposure as sanitation workers.

“You don’t know what’s in the packaging, you don’t know what’s in the black bags, you don’t know what’s in the boxes that you pick up," Zackary Williams told FOX 29. 


It was clear as FOX 29's Bill Anderson followed Zackary, Joseph and Marketa on their route that they indirectly have contact with every person on the block, but what was also clear is that they are up to it.

“Me and my coworkers, we take on the challenge every day to do the best we can do under the circumstances we know we’re faced with," Zackary said.

It's a tough job on the best days but these days they do ask for our help.

“We are somebody’s husband, somebody’s wife, somebody’s daughter, son, and we’re out here doing a job that encounters danger so when putting your rubbish or recycling at the curb always be mindful," Zackary said.

Marketa added, “This is really a hard job for us and we’re doing the best we can to provide for our residents. We’re doing the best we can do and I just wanna thank everybody. I do it for the public. I do it for my family. At the end of the day, if somebody comes out and says thank you, I appreciate you, it makes my day."

So maybe say thank you to people who work to make our time inside more comfortable even if they don’t think they’re heroes.

“We’re taking on challenges that people consider to be a hero but in humble speaking we do our job," Zackary said.

We think they’re heroes — for goodness sake.

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