Sean Kratz's preliminary hearings delayed due to change in attorney

The families of the four young men slaughtered in a Bucks County cornfield more than a year ago returned to court Monday for what they believe is "justice" in the case but they learned they'll have to wait likely until the new year.

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In the Bucks County court, families of admitted-killer Cosmo Dinardo's 4 victims filed into court for 3 days of preliminary hearings in the death penalty case of Dinardo's cousin and alleged accomplice, Sean Kratz.

But no sooner had they entered they were out again--exchanging hugs--facing another delay.

"How were you made aware?" FOX 29's Jeff Cole asked. Kratz's former attorney Keith Williams said, "I got an email from Mr. Peruto's office Friday afternoon." Cole asked, "Do you think Mr. Kratz made a mistake, here?" Williams replied, "I have no comment."

Keith Williams was Kratz's court-appointed, taxpayer-paid attorney until Monday, when the judge cut him loose because somebody is paying for a private lawyer for the 21-year-old.

"We were ready to go forward. We understand Mr. Kratz has the absolute right to an attorney of his own choosing rather than a court appointed lawyer for him. We wish Mr. Peruto best of luck," Williams said.

Mr. Peruto is Chuck Peruto, Jr.--a flashy high-profile attorney--who says he met with Kratz in prison over the weekend.

Sean Kratz is charged with helping DiNardo slaughter and bury 3 of the 4 victims in a Solebury, Bucks County cornfield in the summer of 2017. Dinardo plead guilty in May and is serving 4 life sentences. Kratz was expected to as well, but backed-out and is to face trial in 2019.

Lawyers are barred from speaking to the press in case, which captured the region's attention during the search for the victims' bodies.