Security camera shows man setting off fireworks on front porch of home

The security camera images vividly show a young man in a dark T-shirt and pants approaching the front door and placing the fireworks. Incredibly, he lights them and sprints off as the sparks fly.

Blanka Gross, her two children, husband and dog were sound asleep exhausted from a weekend on the shore. They heard nothing.

The fireworks sprayed the front of the home on Forsythia Drive North in Middletown Township, Bucks County, for about a minute and a half. It blackened parts of the ceiling, door frame and cement walkway, but did not start a fire. Blanka Gross found the charred box the next morning.

"It has to be some kind of teenage prank not realizing what they're doing could burn us alive while we were sleeping," Gross said.

Middletown police want the prankster. They've posted his image on Facebook and are taking tips hoping to send a stern message...

"It seems to be some 4th of July fireworks prank, but the potential for some catastrophic fire is great," Middletown Police Lt. Steve Forman said.

There were no injuries and this was the only home hit.

"This is not a joke because this can really kill people," Gross said.