Security guards intervene after baby left in hot car

A concerned shopper in Sydney, Australia called security guards on November 2 after he discovered a baby had been left inside a car alone as the temperature reached 98° Fahrenheit.

Nadim Accari said: "Today at Burwood Westfields on the way back to my car, I noticed a (sic) empty parked car with the headlights on. Upon closer inspection, there was a newborn baby in the back seat.

"I waited for a moment hoping that the parents were close by, but there was nobody around. Being over 35 degrees in the carpark I had to alert security. They came running to the car, at this stage it had almost been 10 minutes. The car was UNLOCKED, we removed the baby boy and I proceeded to carry the baby to the medical centre in Westfields for testing."

Accari said the mother appeared after five minutes and stated she had planned to return quickly.

"As you can imagine, I'm pretty damn well pissed off! After a brief argument with the mother, the security pulled me away before I lost my shit."