Security tightened at Pitman Middle School after threats of violence

Threats of violence at a local school has security beefed up. The online threats targeted Pitman Middle School staff and students. Police say what started out as talks on social media turned into very real conversations.

"I was a little scared," said Jadyn Thomas. She's a 6th grader at Pitman Middle School and says the classrooms here are full student chatter about a threat made to the school.

"They're just saying how like they can't believe they would do something like that and how they're scared about it," she said.

Jadyn was out with her grandmother walking dogs Thursday evening. They say families got an email from the school two days ago. It detailed an incident that police say involved six students talking on social media about possibly harming classmates and staff at the school.

"It's just kind of frightening because this is a safe community and people here don't really think about things like this here too often," said Marie Barton, Jadyn's grandmother.

Amanda Springart says school officials ordered a code green that day.

"It's when you stay in the classrooms and you just keep the doors locked," she said.

Pitman Police say the incident was discussed on social media last weekend and since then they've been inside and outside the school as a precaution. Then yesterday the Superintendent told families face to face conversations had allegedly taken place between one of the students involved in the online threats and several classmates.

"I think that he was just making a joke but it went too far and he didn't mean it to go like that," said 7th grader Joey Ianneloa.

Bill Gross's grandson goes to the school. He's happy to hear officials don't believe there is any imminent threat to the school.

"I believe the school district handled it well and that the police are doing an excellent job of investigating," said Gross.

Police and school officials say charges are pending the outcome of the investigation.