SEPTA bus and tractor-trailer collide with building in Fox Chase

PHILADELPHIA, PA (WTXF)--A Route 18 SEPTA bus collided with a tractor trailer carrying a 26-ton front end loader on Monday. The force of the collision knocked the cab of the truck into the blooming art studio on Oxford Avenue at the Fox Chase Loop.

"The driver of the truck got out frantic and asked if everybody was okay," witness Kris Burgos says, who was parked on Oxford Avenue when the accident occurred.

Burgos and the truck driver then went around the bus and Burgos jumped in to assess the condition of the passengers.

The bus driver and two passengers on board were transported to aria-Frankford hospital and are all expected to make a full recovery.

Another witness in the area, Josh Buss, says that he was talking to a friend in Joseph Pizza when he felt the force of the accident.

Buss was one of several people who couldn't take their eyes off of this dramatic scene.

Police say the art studio suffered structural damage and had to be shored up before the bus and truck could be towed away.

Carol Walsh, a resident of the Fox Chase area, says the accident is concerning, but not surprising.

"We thought this would happen and sure enough it did," Walsh says. "You can't fit these accordion style buses through this terminal they can't make the turn but it was inevitable that this would happen, it's getting worse.

Several neighbors interviewed about the crash said that SEPTA buses use the Fox Chase loop to turn around and begin their next scheduled route--many call it a traffic nightmare.