SEPTA Police arrest 2 in shooting of regional rail conductor last month

SEPTA Police announced Thursday they have arrested two men allegedly responsible for shooting a regional rail conductor in early May.

The shooting occurred on May 10 at the Carpenter Lane station in West Mount Airy. Police say a 57-year-old man was shot in the hip when he stepped off the train. The victim was taken to Einstein Medical Center where he suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Authorities soon released surveillance video of both suspects and asked for the public's help finding them.

More than a month after the incident, SEPTA police and other agencies announced the capture of a gunman and an accomplice in the shooting.

Police say Donnel Mills, 23, was a conspirator in the crime. Mills was already in custody for an unrelated charge when detectives identified him as a suspect.

Investigators identified Jemil Wylie, 20, as the shooter and detained him at a home in Oxford Circle Tuesday. Police say the home Wylie was staying at was under round the clock surveillance. When officers saw Wylie emerge from the residents he attempted to run back into the house and was detained by officers.

Police say they recovered a firearm inside the home.

SEPTA Transit Police Cheif Thomas J. Nestel III credited important eye witness accounts and tireless police work for the arrest of the two suspects.