SEPTA, police prep for big weekend with Women's March, Eagles game

Law enforcement officials across the city of Philadelphia are stepping up security across the city ahead of Sunday's NFC Championship matchup at Lincoln Financial Field.

Philadelphia police are gearing up, warning shop owners who won't be open to lower their security gates and remove all objects from in front of their stores.

Along Broad Street and at places like Frankford and Cottman, bars are being asked to serve alcohol in plastic cups.

"We'll be enforcing a lot of quality of life things--open containers, public intoxication, public urination," Captain Kinebrew said.

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Officers are expected to be out at multiple so-called hotspots like Frankford and Cottman, Broad Street in Center City, and at Broad and Pattison near the stadiums.

SEPTA expects about 18,000 fans to jam the Broad Street Line headed to the Eagles-Vikings game. Police will be everywhere from Broad and Pattison on up to City Hall and beyond.

"We're looking for that anomaly. We're looking for that potential for a problem and we'll address it when we see it," Chief Thomas Nestel said.

The chief has two friendly reminders for fans and revelers who take SEPTA. First, no drinking on the trains.

"If you have 300 spare dollars in your monthly budget, go ahead, but you'll be getting a citation and losing your alcohol," he said.

The second, don't even think about criminal behavior, because you'll be on camera.

Authorities will likely have their hands full through the weekend with the Women's March on Saturday on The Ben Franklin Parkway.