Setting off fireworks this 4th of July won't give you as much bang for your buck

Fourth of July is fast approaching, so many people are rushing to buy their celebratory fireworks. But just like everything else this year, the price of fireworks has skyrocketed.  

Those bombs bursting in air this Fourth of July holiday will cost 50% more according to the American Pyrotechnics Association. They say that the increase is due to the shipping costs from China.

John Iannelli, of West Deptford, NJ is not letting the price increase stop him from celebrating.

"Like everything, prices have gone up a little bit, but for the 4th of July, for America, we can spend a little money," Iannelli said.

Many people are thinking the same thing as Iannelli because the increase in prices has not stopped sales at Phantom Fireworks in Upland, Pa. where most customers were ringing up tabs over $500.


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Many customers spent hundreds of dollars on products like the "Bombilation" or the "Geo Magnetic Storm" for their neighborhood firework parties-- a new trend to alleviate the costs of fireworks. 

"This year I’ve been seeing a lot of neighborhoods getting together and actually buying a firework show together, so a bunch of different houses on the same street may put in for one big show," said Dylan Stamm of Phantom Fireworks. 

Anyone who is planning to light their own fireworks is encouraged to do so safely and legally in your neighborhoods. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends having a hose nearby, and they say that you should not re-light duds or light fireworks near houses and people.