Several Lansdale businesses call it an early day after snow, sleet and rain

The early winter weather caused some Lansdale businesses to close early Thursday.

"The commute was absolutely dreadful," said Jerry Hoffman. He's glad to be home after battling the snow, sleet and rain this morning and well into the night.

"The Turnpike wasn't that bad but as soon as you hit an exit it was just like tractor trailers stopped everywhere," said Hoffman. He lives Lansdale where many businesses called it an early day.

"I was looking out the window of my job saying wow I kind of want to get out of here too," he laughed.

Main Street looked like a ghost town as we drove around and found only a few local pizza shops and a bar still open. Businesses like Chick-fil-A shutdown hours before normal closing at ten. Sean Ciccarone and Andrew Sade work at Smoke Daddy's Barbeque.

"We heard that we were only going to get about an inch or two and next thing you know we had four inches on the ground by 2 o'clock," said Ciccarone. They say business died down after lunch but they're glad they stayed open.

"Around 6-6:30 I guess when the roads started getting a little better we got a wave a big wave of people. I guess we were the only ones open at the time," said Sade. Jimmy Spencer was out at night after the snow stopped. He's so happy about the snow and early dose of winter that he came out in shorts.

"I love the cold so it doesn't really bother me," said Spencer.