Teen shot near his school, police say; Lt. Gov. John Fetterman suffers stroke; Cooler temps follow storms


1. Weather Authority: Overnight temperatures cool down in wake of strong storms

PHILADELPHIA - Cooler temperatures will follow in the wake of powerful thunderstorms that brought strong winds and heavy downpours to the region Monday. 

Forecasters warned of strong thunderstorms on Monday with wind gusts upwards of 70 MPH that some feared could spin up an isolated tornado. The National Weather Service issued a region-wide Severe Thunderstorm Watch that was upgraded to a warning in some areas of Pennsylvania. 

The brunt of the storms rolled across the Lehigh Valley in the early evening and continued into New York and parts of New England. The severe weather threat across the Delaware Valley expired at 9 p.m.

As the storms continue northeast and offshore, FOX 29's Kathy Orr says colder air with drop temperatures into the upper 50s overnight. Sunshine will return Tuesday, but gusty winds will remain with highs hovering around the 70s. 

An unseasonably cold Wednesday will be followed by a meaningful rise in temperature that will continue into the weekend. Temperatures will climb into the mid-80s on Friday and reach into the 90s over the weekend.

2. Lt. Gov. John Fetterman announces he suffered a stroke; will make full recovery

John Fetterman

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (Photo courtesy of the Office of Gov. Tom Wolf)

LANCASTER, Pa. - Lt. Governor John Fetterman announced Sunday he suffered a stroke last week.

In a statement, Fetterman explained he hadn’t been feeling well, but with his campaign for U.S. Senate in the final stages before Tuesday’s primary, he felt the need to keep going.

His wife insisted he go to a hospital and be checked. He went on to say they arrived in time for doctors to treat him.

I had a stroke that was caused by a clot from my heart being in an A-fib rhythm for too long. Fortunately, Gisele spotted the symptoms and got me to the hospital within minutes. The amazing doctors here were able to quickly and completely remove the clot, reversing the stroke, they got my heart under control as well. It's a good reminder to listen to your body and be aware of the signs.

He went on to say he is feeling better and his campaign continues.

3. Police investigating theft of the 'Angel of Faith' statue in Trenton

TRENTON, N.J. - A statue of St. Michael that stood nearly 15 feet tall has now been downgraded to just a pair of feet.  

The "Angel of Faith" statue was stolen last week and the person who stole it, left behind nothing but the statue’s feet on top of a bronze ball.

The statue was put up in 1986 to commemorate a tragic fire at St. Mary’s Cathedral. It matters to the locals of Trenton and city officials and stakeholders want the statue back so badly that there is even a small bounty.

Trenton police Director Steve Wilson says that he believes the theft was addict-driven, with the thought that the thief wanted to scrap the statue for money. He said he notified local scrappers to keep an eye out, but he fears that the statue may have already been melted down.

4. Buffalo mass shooting: Alleged shooter targeted Black neighborhood, officials say

Payton S. Gendron is seen in a booking photo from May 15, 2022 (Erie County District Attorney via FOX News)

NEW YORK - The white 18-year-old who fatally shot 10 people at a Buffalo supermarket researched the local demographics and arrived a day in advance to conduct reconnaissance with the intent of killing as many Black people as possible, officials said Sunday.

The racially motivated attack came a year after the gunman was taken to a hospital by State Police after making threats involving his high school, according to authorities.

He wasn't charged with a crime and was out of the hospital within a day and a half, police said, but the revelation raised questions about his access to weapons and whether he could have been under closer supervision by law enforcement.

The Buffalo attack prompted grief and anger in the predominantly Black neighborhood around Tops Friendly Market. A group of people gathered there Sunday afternoon to lead chants of "Black lives matter" and mourn victims that included an 86-year-old woman who had just visited her husband in a nursing home and a supermarket security guard, both of whom were Black.

Payton S. Gendron is seen in a booking photo from May 15, 2022 (Erie County District Attorney via FOX News)

"Somebody filled his heart so full of hate that he would destroy and devastate our community," the Rev. Denise Walden-Glenn said.

Speaking at the National Peace Officers’ Memorial service at the U.S. Capitol, President Joe Biden said, "We must all work together to address the hate that remains a stain on the soul of America." The White House later announced that the president and first lady would travel to Buffalo on Tuesday to "grieve with the community."

The Buffalo attack was the deadliest of multiple shootings across the country in recent days. Officials in Milwaukee imposed a curfew after 21 people were injured in three separate shootings near an entertainment district where thousands gathered Friday for an NBA playoff game. Three other shootings over the weekend in the Midwest city left three people dead.

On Sunday, two shootings — one at a Houston flea market and another at a California church — left three people dead and others wounded.

As the country reeled from the Buffalo attack, new details emerged about the gunman's past and Saturday's rampage, which the shooter livestreamed on Twitch. New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, a Buffalo native, demanded technology companies tell her whether they’ve done "everything humanly possible" to make sure they're monitoring violent content as soon as it appears.

"If not, then I’m going to hold you responsible," she said.

4. '100% targeted': Teen critically injured in drive-by shooting near his school, police say

PHILADELPHIA - Authorities say a Philadelphia teenager was critically injured in a daytime drive-by shooting that happened near his school.

Officers from the Philadelphia Police Department were called to the 1500 block of North 52th Street just before 3 p.m. for reports of a shooting. 

Police found a 16-year-old boy shot at least seven times, including four times in the stomach and twice in the chest.

Officers drove the victim to Penn Presbyterian Hospital where he was placed in critical condition, according to authorities.