SFPD's off duty 'Hot Cop' arrested for hit-and-run

An off-duty SFPD officer, also known as the "Hot Cop of Castro", was arrested for hit-and-run after two pedestrians were struck and injured by his vehicle.

Christopher Kohrs is one of San Francisco's most high-profile cops, but now he is in the news for the wrong reasons.

"It's definitely strange to know that our officers who are supposed to be protecting us are off-duty and hitting us," witness Olivia Dickinson told KTVU from the lobby of the Centerfolds Club on Broadway, adjacent to the crash scene.

It happened about 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning, as two men were crossing Broadway at Montgomery.

A car driving west on Broadway plowed into them at the top of a hill. The car was abandoned in the intersection.

Investigators traced the 2009 Dodge to Kohrs.

San Francisco police say that Officer Kohrs, a 7 year veteran of the department. was placed under arrest after being interviewed by Internal Affairs investigators.

KTVU has featured Kohrs as recently as August when he participated, shirtless, in an "ice bucket" fundraiser for families of fallen police officers.

"It couldn't be for a better cause," he commented at the time. "It supports loved ones. It's a dangerous job and bad things happen."

But now Kohr is on the other side of the law, arrested on two counts of felony hit and run causing injury.

"I heard the crash and I saw the orange Charger come to a stop, " described doorman Kevin Cochran to KTVU.

Cochran was standing outside the Penthouse Club, had a clear view of the crash, and called 911 when the men went flying.

"They were thrown from the crosswalk about twenty yards down the street," Cochran said, pointing. "They were left lying within about five feet of each other."

Cochran said neither man was moving when paramedics arrived, and one was bleeding heavily from a head injury.

"It was pretty disturbing to begin with, so I was really disturbed to hear it was an off-duty cop," observed Cochran.

"He must have been going really fast for how bad the impact was."

38-year-old Kohrs has seven years on the force and works out of the city's Park Station.

While patrolling the Castro district, he's gained celebrity status for his physique and good looks.

Fans even dedicated a Facebook page to him: "Hot Cop of the Castro", full of comments and pictures reflecting his popularity in the community. He is free on bail.

Sunday evening, KTVU knocked on his apartment door at Candlestick Point, but it remained shut, words few.

"No one's here," shouted a man inside. "He's not here, no comment."

Surveillance video has been collected from the strip clubs at the intersection, the only businesses open at the time of the crash.

"To run is probably the worst thing he could have done," hostess Dickinson told KTVU.

"We're thinking he was probably drunk, and ran to buy some time," said Dickinson. "But who knows? He's an officer, he knows the law better than anyone else."

Both victims, men in their forties, were rushed to San Francisco General Hospital.

They suffered serious but not life threatening injuries.