'She did have magical blue eyes': Philadelphia woman recalls meeting Queen Elizabeth II

People across the Delaware Valley are sharing stories of encounters with Queen Elizabeth and for one local couple, Her Majesty was a familiar face.

"She was always tinier than one expected, but she did have those magical blue eyes and beautiful skin. She was something to behold," Jean Wedgewood, Lord Piers Wedgewood’s widow said.

Wedgewood, of Chestnut Hill, recalls meeting Queen Elizabeth II over the years. Jean married Lord Piers Wedgewood in 1985 and would sometimes see Her Majesty at receptions at Buckingham Palace.


"I was newly married and I told her I was from Philadelphia and she very much remembered coming on the yacht Britannia for the Bicentennial and she said she had very fond memories of Philadelphia," Wedgewood recalled.

Her late husband, part of the Wedgewood China pottery dynasty, was also a member of the Royal Scots Regiment. Piers became friendly with the queen when she was at Balmoral Castle in Scotland during the summer and would often invite him to private gatherings.

"The first time was for lunch. He was very nervous, naturally. He was pretty young," Wedgewood explained. "He said he was put off by how very relaxed it was."

Jean’s home is adorned with Wedgewood China, artwork and photos, including one of Prince Charles taken while attending a fundraiser Jean hosted in Chicago. But, the deer head is what catches everyone’s attention.

"My husband shot that at Balmoral and he was quite proud of it," she commented.

She said Piers ran into the Queen shortly after the deer was shot. "She said, ‘Oh Lord Wedgewood, are you responsible for this horrific beast?’ which sent absolute fear into my husband."

Jean says her husband thought he shot a 12-point stag, which is a royal stag and is illegal. "But, it was a 10-point stag and they had it for dinner a week later."

Queen Elizabeth worked until the end, and passed peacefully with her family by her side.

"I would think right now she is with Prince Philip and he’s having a beer and she is having a gin and Dubonnet and I think they are both having a good time," Jean added.