‘She really deserves it’: Philadelphia’s oldest resident receives COVID-19 vaccine at 108 years old

At 108 years old with no signs of slowing down, Philadelphia’s oldest resident did her part on Friday and received the COVID-19 vaccine.

 Ruth Hopson has maybe not seen it all but she has come close. She survived the 1918 flu pandemic, the Great Depression, and two world wars.

Now, she’s helping to end another pandemic with a single shot.

 So what's her secret to a long life? 

"I would say her sense of humor. She has a great sense of humor as you can see and she’s a little bit of a flirt," her daughter Meril said.

To make the event even more special, her two daughters, ages 72 and 77, received the vaccine along with her.

"We’re so proud of mom, she really deserves it," Meril said.

State reprehensive Amen Brown of the 190th District helped push to get Hopson and her daughters vaccinated.

Joanah Fertil actually administered the historic shot and was fully aware of the significance.

"I already called my family back home and let them know this is the most exciting day since I’ve been here in Philly," she said.

 Perhaps most humbling of all is Hopson’s primary concern has not been for herself but the next generation.

 "She asks every day, she never misses are the schools open yet? She’s very concerned about education. She always has been," Meril explained. 



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