Shoppers fill stores on Super Saturday looking for perfect gifts with just a week before the holiday

Shoppers across the Delaware Valley hit the malls, retailers and mom-and-pop shops to snag some precious gifts on the final shopping weekend before the holidays.

Normally, the Saturday before Christmas is the big day for holiday spending, but with Christmas Eve falling on a Saturday, shoppers packed the stores in search of some great deals.

In Collingswood, New Jersey, so many folks making the rounds, making sure they don’t get shut out when it comes to gift giving this year.

"Luckily, we got parking right on the street. It was definitely crowded, but it’s fun, everyone’s out and about and having a good time!" shopper Amanda Malik said.

A good time for sure, on Super Saturday, one of the busiest shopping days of the year. The Retail Federation says 158 million people will shop in store and online, all in an effort to make sure they’re ready for Santa.

"We definitely need some last-minute gifts and we decided what better place than local shopping. To walk around and see things that we felt like would be good for the fam and we were able to pick up gifts for everyone today, so we were successful," Malik explained.

"Lots of shoppers. Even last-minute holiday gifts, we have holiday sales with our Christmas ornaments and stuff like that, so it’s a lot of people looking for some good deals and also looking to get their last-minute gifts," Chaley Klotz, with Clutter Vintage, stated.

People like the Hyde family, shopping for the perfect Secret Santa gift at a place called Time Lapse.

"It’s one of my favorite stores in town. I also really like the name, because it makes a lot of sense, because it’s like a vintage store," said 3rd grader Alistair Hyde.

"I think it’s inspiring to come in. You are never gonna find a gift on Amazon, clicking around that you might be inspired to buy here," Eric Ingala said.

And, for many, despite inflation, keeping it local and shopping in-person makes it all worthwhile.

"I’m sire they’re gonna squeeze it in. I’m sure they have last-minute items that they need to pick up. Collingswood is a good area to pick up a lot of individual, small personal items and that’s why they come to Collingswood to shop," shopper Curtis Davis commented.

"We’re kind of down to the wire for shipping, so nothing beats in-person shopping when you get to the last minute," Malik added.