Shots fired at Springfield Mall prompts brief lockdown; suspects sought

Police in Delaware County are investigating after shots were reportedly fired outside the Springfield Mall.

"I heard gunshots and a lot of people were yelling and screaming and panicking, running out of the mall. It was just chaos," said witness Daniel Piotti.

"We got a call at approximately 1 p.m. of an active shooter at the mall," said Lt Joe Sadoff, of the Springfield Township Police.

Within minutes, police arrive at the Springfield Mall, which was packed with shoppers on a Saturday afternoon.

Multiple suspects fled the scene, according to police sources. No injuries were reported.

"Everyone was screaming and crying and mixed responses from everybody. It was scary," said Tiffany Hart, who was at the mall at the time.

"I didn't know if the shooter was in the mall or what. It was definitely scary," Vanessa Twyman said.

"We learned that there were two groups inside the mall and they had an altercation inside the mall, which turned physical. That spilled outside the mall," Lt Sadoff explained.

And, that is when and where the shooting started, according to authorities.

"Once the guys came outside into the parking lot, we had as far as we can see, one shooter from each group exchanged gunfire between the two groups," Lt Sadoff added.

The mall was placed on lockdown. The gun battle outside ended quickly. Police believe all involved got into cars and drove away. But, police had to make sure. The mall was then evacuated.

"Someone came yelling that there was a cop with the rifle and we all went into the back storage are of GameStop and we were locked in there," said Courtney Ann Hart.

Daniel Piotti was biking through the parking lot just minutes later, capturing video images.

"They were just running out and getting to safety. Hiding behind cars. A lot of people were ducking under places. Running down toward the trolley and up toward the bus area," Piotti explained.

Unbelievably, there were no injuries, though several cars were damaged by gunfire.

"I don't think we would've been as fortunate as we were if the shooting had occurred in the mall," stated Lt Sadoff.

This is an ongoing investigation. No arrests have been made at this time.