Six Months Later, 'Guy with a Sign' is a 'Guy with a Job'

We first introduced you to Rob Crozier back in March. He was a father of two, looking for work, and he did it in a very unique way.

As photojournalist Bill Rohrer shows us, this dad's perseverance finally paid off.

Back in March, like most people in the morning, Rob Crozier got dressed and headed out the door.

He was heading to, 30th Street Station, to hold a sign.

The 36-year-old called himself the 'Guy with a Sign.' At the top of the ramp, in front of thousands of commuters he looks for a new job.

He keeps up hope that the next person he meets, will lead him to new opportunities.

When Rob a certified school counselor isn't teaching, was in that spot for about 4 hours a day.

He says his inspiration is his wife and kids.

At the time, he didn't know how much longer he would stand there.

Six months later, he is the new School Counselor at Pearl Buck Elementary School in Levittown, Bucks County.

Neshaminy School District Superintendent David Baugh says Rob's story is compelling.

"He was trying to get a job, and he was doing whatever he could think of to get the job that he wanted. Nothing but respect for that. That is the person we want to be working with our kids," said Baugh.

"I was just really, really excited to hear that finally after eight years of interviewing and getting rejected that was it, that was the moment. It was awesome," Rob explained.

Rob remembers his Wife Colleen's reaction to the news.

"I will never forget. I could hear her crying and she said I am so happy for you," he said.

Next, Rob filled in his Daughter Callie too.

"I told her that Daddy got a job. I just hugged her and in the hallway and cried," Rob recalled.

"He has a game plan that matched up with things that I would like to accomplish. He is sort of my right hand person and so far we seem to mesh really well," said Principal Brian Kern.

Now, Rob has a new sign to hold. The one he was given welcoming him to his new school.