Sketch released of suspect in Collingdale home invasion

A brother and sister had a terrifying encounter while home alone in Delaware County. First there were knocks on the door, then the power went out and sounds of glass breaking. Turns out, there was an intruder and one of the siblings came face-to-face with the man.

"We had this gut feeling that something wasn't right and we heard noises from downstairs," said a 17-year-old Collingdale girl whose identity we're concealing to protect her. She describes a terrifying and seemingly calculated home invasion that began when she was home alone.

"I guess he took the opportunity to come and knock on my door and I didn't answer the door. So he left and he came back about five minutes later," she said. This was around 11 o'clock Wednesday morning. Around the same time she says her 18-year old brother came home but through a back door.

Then suddenly the power went out. When he went to the basement to check the circuit breaker he and his sister heard a noise and encountered a man standing on the first floor.

"He broke this window right here and all the glass was shattered and he put his arm in and unlocked the door and got in," the girl said. Police provided a sketch of the suspect who was reportedly holding a screw driver at the time of the break in. The girl says her brother chased him out of the house. A neighbor also saw what was happening and called police.

"Yes my brother tried to but he got cut by all the broken glass so my neighbor tried to run after him," she said. Surveillance cameras captured the suspect entering the yard but police say at some point he disabled the electricity by taking apart the meter.

"That aspect, he knew what he was doing. Did he single them out because the mother works at a nail salon? I don't know," said Chief Bob Adams with Collingdale Police.

The victim says her block on Felton Avenue has always been quiet and safe. Her parents are now terrified.

"She had a panic attack because as a mother they're always worried about their kids no matter what age they are. So thankfully she's very grateful that nothing happened," said the girl.

The suspect did not get away with anything.