Small plane makes emergency landing on Ocean City beach

Officials say a small single-engine plane conducted an emergency landing on an Ocean City beach Saturday morning.

The incident occurred around 8:30 a.m. on 49th Street.

“I was afraid maybe the whole thing was going to flip. It just went up on the one wing,” Joan Samonisky stated.

Samonisky shot the video of what police call a single engine Cessna coming down on an empty section of the beach near 49th Street.

“He must be a really experienced guy because, almost didn’t seem to faze him. He wanted to make sure we all got clear of the aircraft. He was smelling a little fuel and didn’t want any of us to get into trouble, So, he was quite cool and collected. I was quite impressed,” Samonisky said.

The pilot, who was the only person on the plane, was uninjured. The plane sustained minor damage.

FOX 29 cameras were rolling as first responders worked hard to move the plane on to a flatbed to be hauled away for further investigation.

“It’s a pretty good landing. Just a little bit of damage to the prop and a little bit of damage to the left wing tip, but other than that, from visual, looks like he did a pretty decent job of landing,” explained Pat Callahan.