South Jersey same-sex couple claim they're being harassed

A same-sex couple living in South Jersey say they're being harassed. They claim they've been targeted by the local police. They say passing drivers have been hitting their cars and police haven't done a thing.

The couple claims buying a home in Brooklawn, New Jersey, was a dream of theirs and the place they planned to adopt and start a family nuut not now

Scott Halliwell and Anthony Pennant say it started in 2013. Three hit-and-run collisions in which their cars parked along narrow, Paris Ave in Brooklawn were struck and the driver sped off, according to the couple.

"No, nobody was ever cited in the last accident we had to sign complaints ourselves," Halliwell said.

They claim in 2014 there were two more smash-ups with their parked cars and no citations by Brooklawn police.

"I feel like it's happening because we are a gay interracial couple in this town and we're being targeted," Halliwell explained.

Targeted by sexual orientation and race? Explosive charges.

FOX 29's Jeff Cole went looking for the Chief of Police. Shamus Ellis saw him and approached, but wouldn't talk.

"...I just can't comment right now..."

They say the former Police Chief Fran McKinney also did nothing.

His wife said he wasn't home.

McKinney called to say he couldn't comment.

Halliwell filed internal affairs complaints which were eventually investigated by the Camden County Prosecutor's office.

No criminal wrongdoing by police says a special prosecutor but Halliwell spoke to her by phone.

"There were inadequacies in within the town and the police department that need to be addressed and she would address that with increased supervision and training," Halliwell said.

Now, Halliwell--who works in special education--and Pennant--a family and marriage counselor--say they're leaving.

"We don't feel protected. We don't feel safe. Our ultimate goal is to get out of here," Halliwell explained.

A spokesperson for the Camden County prosecutor's office confirmed there would be "no" criminal charges against police. They added the "office is committed to the delivery of police services to all citizens and assuring that complaints on police misconduct are properly handled..."