Spring today, summer tomorrow as mother nature flips the switch

We found people enjoying the nice weather Tuesday but we are in store for a big warm-up this week.

"Take them home to the ladies fellas," she sang while walking South Street.

FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson had to break the news to her though tomorrow she might break out a little sweat doing this.

"Over 90 tomorrow? Really? Wow. That's hot. I'll stay on the shady side of the street," she said. Then just down the street I saw the strangest thing.

"On the town. Zilla's out on the town," said Rusty and Jan Alba as they walked up to me, stuck their hand out and introduced me to Zilla.

"She's a bearded dragon," said Jan. Rusty added, "People stop all the time and just want to take pictures." They say Zilla is from Australia and will likely be the only one out in the sweltering heat tomorrow with no complaints.

"He's going to love it. The hotter the better," said Jan.