Steve Keeley gives Wendy Williams the inside scoop on Cosby

It started with Wendy Williams introducing FOX 29's Steve Keeley as the local reporter on the scene of Bill Cosby's sex assault trial.

Steve started by saying Wendy has the best live and most loyal audience ever.

Then, he described the scene outside the courthouse in Norristown as not as crazy as he expected. He noted many of the foreign press did not return for the second day.

In fact, there's so little interest, Keeley noted several of the 60 seats open to the public may not have been filed on Tuesday and could be available by simply showing up in Norristown.

Wendy asked about actress Keshia Knight Pulliam, who played Cosby's daughter Rudy on "The Cosby Show" - and whether any others came to support "Pill" Cosby, Wendy's words.

Keeley said other supporters were not as well known. Some have been his friends for 30 years because he's an older man who has done a lot of good and favors over his lifetime.

But he wasn't the best husband, he answered, when Wendy asked why his wife Camille was not there on Monday.

Keeley guessed it was a strategic move his lawyers made because she would draw all the attention when lawyers accused Bill Cosby of being a bad husband.

The audience laughed when Wendy asked Steve if Cosby is really blind. He simply said Cosby has a different type of cane, but also has security people.

Keeley reported that on Monday, Cosby seemed alert and engaged during the proceedings.

"He's with it, for sure," Keeley said.

Watch as Steve answered Wendy's question about the alleged second victim who testified Monday.