Stolen dog returned to Montgomery County pet store

A woman was caught on camera dog-napping a pup from a Montgomery County pet store. Tonight, there's a twist in the tale.

How to describe the pet store theft? Well, it certainly wasn't speedy. In fact, it was downright slow. But 15 minutes sure saved her 15%. In fact, a lot more than that. It's just brazen, too. With cameras throughout the store, owner Diane Reed says a woman somehow broke the lock to the glass display case, picked up a Yorkshire Terrier, put it down, then reached for the other. Eventually, putting the dog in her bag and walking off.

"There were two identical Yorkies. 8 weeks old. Both a little over two pounds. She check them both out and picked one of them."

In no hurry leave, she rounds the corner, pets a dog, and then waves to the staff on her way out the door.

They're expensive dogs; however, Dianne's bigger concern was the puppy's health.

"This dog is only two pounds. And when a dog is that small, they have no body fat," she explained. "If she is not familiar with a small breed dog. If she does not know how much care it takes, it could be very dangerous for the dog."

Around town, people FOX 29 showed the video to couldn't believe it.

It hurt Dianne so much, she was quick to put the word out on Facebook. Her post reached 104,000 people in a day. With so many people hearing about it, guess what happened? Well, to be honest, we're not sure. But around dinner time Friday, the dog was back in the pet shop. Lower Providence Township police showed up with the dog.

"He seems fine. We fed him. We weighed him. He did not loose any weight. His ears are up, which is a sign of a healthy happy Yorkie.. So we are thrilled."