Store selling President Donald Trump merchandise opens in Bensalem

Are you in the market for a MAGA hat or T-shirt? Well, you may be in luck. A store that sells all things Donald Trump opened in Bensalem, Pa.

The store, located in the Bensalem Plaza on Street Road, opened Tuesday morning and is run by Mike Domanico and his wife. They already saw more than 500 customers throughout the course of the first day.

Mike used to make T-shirts for car shows when someone one day asked for a Trump shirt that led to a tent sale, followed by a mall kiosk, and now this.

"Actually, people are thanking me all day long, thank you for having the store, this is great," he told FOX 29.

Mike says he's prepared for protestors, promising to give them Sanders or Warren merchandise if they want. It's the remaining inventory from his mall kiosk when he was required to sell items from both parties, but make no mistake he supports Trump and he's not alone.

"I came right from work. I had to be, I had to be. I'm so excited. I have such a smile on my face," Marni Miller said.

It doesn't mean everyone's on board.

"A little bit annoyed at the landlord not being more selective in his tenant," Jeff Kasser said. 

Mike is good-natured about the criticism and offers this solution.

"There's another empty store here, you can open up a Bernie store, feel free. It would be fun," he said.


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