Strangers Raise $35,000 for Homeless Single Dad Who Shared His Story in Moving Video

A single father struggling to keep a roof over his young son's head was floored when he was treated to an act of kindness by a philanthropist traveling the world to pay it forward.

James Moss had just moved to Denver, Colorado from New York to give his one-year-old son, Zhi, a better life, when he learned that he had nowhere to live. He then ran into philanthropist Leon Logothetis.

"I was walking in downtown Denver, and was about to cross the street and saw him and his son. I decided to talk to him randomly," Logothetis told INSIDE EDITION.

Moss wiped tears from his eyes and held his son as he told Logothetis his story.

"I just got here a couple days ago. I had a job set up and some housing arrangement set up. The housing arrangement fell through. Right now I'm homeless," Moss said, in a heart-warming video Logothetis shared on YouTube.

Moss works as a barber and is allowed to bring little Zhi to work, but had nowhere to sleep.

"You know, most people don't want to share their pain. I want to say thank you, and the way I'm going to thank you is by giving you $1,000," Logothetis said.

"You've got to be freaking kidding me, man! "Thank you so much, man!" Moss said as he hugged Logothetis, crying even harder.

"His reaction was so genuine and so beautiful," Logothetis told IE. "His tears were heartfelt and his sense of faith in finding a way out of his situation was extremely inspiring. There was this connection that I felt to him that inspired me to try and help him. His gentle spirit and his kindness touched my heart."

Logothetis' act of kindness is part of his campaign to ignite acts of goodwill around the world, which he has written about in his book, "The Kindness Diaries."

"I started the go be kind movement in early October and I plan to continue it across the world," he told IE. "Currently it has only been in the USA. My hope is that it inspires us all simply to 'see' each other. To feel the full effects and healing power of human connection. Too many of us are disconnected and alone, yet a simple of act of kindness towards others can shift that dynamic. Profoundly."

Logothetis "was stuck leading an uninspiring life as a broker in London till he decided to choose a life of adventure over the stagnant comforts of a mundane existence. After traveling to over 90 countries, Leon determined it was time to give back, after having experienced first-hand what the kindness of strangers can bring," according to a page describing Logothetis' mission at, which has paired up with the philanthropist for his #GoBeKind campaign.

His gesture toward Moss inspired someone to create a GoFundMe page for the single father and in just five days, more than $35,000 has been raised to help them get a car and a camper.

"Some aren't as lucky as James to have so much support. There's always someone that needs help in this world. So feel free to help them as well," the page notes. "And remember never look down on someone unless you're helping them up. You don't know what the situation is or where they've been in life."

For more information on how to #GoBeKind in your community, visit

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