Strangers step in to help mother who wound up homeless after life-altering tragedy

A Philadelphia mother wound up homeless living on park benches with her children after a life-altering tragedy. Now, she's getting a much needed helping hand from complete strangers.

"She came to Philly in her car to get me and my family off the street," Keisha McKethan said.

Keisha broke down in tears as she told us how Kristen Babcock, a mother of three from Morrestown, saved her family from a desperate situation.

Keisha says she and her husband, their 9-year-old daughter and twin 6-year-old boys were living out of their car after a fire at their Port Richmond home in early June.

Then, their car was totaled in an accident three weeks later in Maple Shade putting her husband in the hospital and leaving the 36-year-old literally on the side of the road with nothing.

"I just wanted to let her know she wasn't alone," Jennifer Lopez said.

As chance would have it, Jennifer Lopez was at that accident scene helping a friend who was the other driver.

"Being there to see them lose the last thing they had. I couldn't as a mother of 6, I couldn't leave that and not do anything about it it. I had to figure out a way," she said.

Jennifer jumped into action. A friend put her in contact with Kristen Babcock who founded a non-profit that helps the homeless

Kristen began communicating with Keisha. The plan was to put her in a hotel with money they raised.

Keisha and the children have been living with Babcocks since Friday. Clothing and other donations pouring in but just when things were looking up on Sunday Keisha's husband, Timothy Jones, died of pancreatic cancer and injuries from the car accident.

"I miss him so much, we've been married 12 years," she said.

Keisha's lost a lot but now has the support of some real angels to help her family get through this insurmountable tragedy.

"I just wish I could thank everyone from the bottom of my heart," she said.

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