Students gather for sit-in at Drexel University after racial slur found on dorm door

Students made their voices heard at Drexel University. This comes after an African-American freshman says she found the n-word on her dorm room door.

Several dozen Drexel students gathered outside the main building Friday afternoon, before heading inside to stage a silent sit-in. The theme was unity among those who say they have felt the sting of discrimination on this campus.

"Every minority that has ever felt like they don't belong that have been impacted by discrimination or hate--everybody. This is a community, overall," Organizer DeShaye Carter said.

Early this week an African-American freshman female living in Myers Hall dormitory reported that someone had scrawled the n-word on her dorm room door, defacing the image of a bumblebee on the card displaying her name.

In an email to the Drexel community, school president John Fry called the reported vandalism a malicious act, "unacceptable" and promised Drexel police and the school's Office of Diversity are investigating and have reached out to support the targeted student.