Study: Chocolate might be better for your cough than cough syrup

Do you have a cough? Well, chocolate could be a better cure than cough syrup, according to a new study.

A group from the University of Hull in Yorkshire, England, conducted the study with 163 patients. The study prescribed the patients either regular codeine-based cough syrup or chocolate-based medicine called ROCOCO.

Professor Alyn Morice wrote for the Daily Mail that patients taking the chocolate-based medicine had significant improvement in their symptoms within two days, which is faster than other remedies.

"We have just seen the results of the largest real-world study of an over-the-counter cough remedy ever undertaken in Europe," Professor Morice said. "This proves that a new medicine which contains cocoa is better than a standard linctus."

The professor added that it has to do with the demulcent properties of cocoa because it's more sticky and protects the throat's nerve endings that can trigger a cough.

The study is expected to be published in a journal within the year. For more details on the study, please click here.