Superintendent Hite speaks out after no confidence petition started by principals' union

The Superintendent of the School District of Philadelphia is speaking out after the principals and administrators' union started pushing for a no confidence vote. All while still negotiating with the teachers union.

Leading Pennsylvania's largest school system for eight years, Dr. William Hite is in the crosshairs of the 670 member school principals and administrators union. The petition accuses Hite of failing to educate students, keep them safe and manage the district’s money.

"Stakeholders want a say in what’s going on in the district’s efforts as it relates to work conditions and accountability," Robin Cooper, president of the Association of School Administrators, said.

124,000 students attend Philly public schools and another 75,000 in charters. With a budget of $3 billion, the district serves children in the nation’s poorest big city.

“When you talk about financial mismanagement let's talk about the whole picture," Hite said Tuesday.

The petition points to the $600,000 renovation of Hite’s office which he says was needed and he doesn’t regret.

"We’ve also had credit upgrades as a district. We’ve gone from financial despair to several years of a fund balance," he said.

In a statement Monday, the district praised administrators writing:

"Our school leaders have done amazing work supporting our students, families and school-based staff as we began the year with students engaged in digital learning."



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