Suspected thieves target elderly couple

Police in South Jersey are warning residents about people preying on the elderly.

Home surveillance photos show the moment police say three suspected thieves targeted the home of an elderly husband and wife. Only these alleged burglars didn't break in.

"In this case, it was the water department was the line they were using," said East Greenwich Police Chief Chris Everwine

East Greenwich Police Chief Chris Everwine says on Sunday morning a man came to the door of the 80-something year old couple posing as a municipal worker. He says the man talked his way into the basement of the house pretending to test water quality. But while the stranger distracted the seniors, surveillance photos caught what happened next.

"Two other males are seen coming into the house and they started to go through cabinets, drawers and bedrooms," Chief Everwine said.

In and out in minutes and they left no trace. The alleged thieves pocketed gold coins and other valuables. The homeowners had no idea they'd been scammed until family members reviewed the footage. Now police want your help identifying the organized ring before they target more vulnerable people. Cops say these guys knew what they were doing and have likely gotten away with it before in other towns and states.

"We wear shirts we have it in the trucks so the advertising is all there and that's what I'd say to seniors make sure you check IDs and that they have their badges," said contractor Mike Datz.