Take Your Doll to Work Day: Trucker Dad Babysits Doll, Takes Hilarious Pictures of Her on the Job

(INSIDE EDITION) What daddy's little girl wants, she gets -- even if it's for her dad to babysit her doll for the day.

Trent McCain, who owns a Kansas trucking company, told InsideEdition.com that his 9-year-old daughter Joselyn recently suggested that he spend some quality time with her doll Abbie.

She said Abbie wanted to join him at work, on his semi-trailer truck.

"The next day, I didn't think she'd remember," the man from Colby said, but sure enough, she did -- and the doting dad had no choice but to load the girl's doll into his truck as he started his day.

Sure enough, McCain babysat the doll for the rest of the day, and uploaded the pictures on Facebook so Joselyn, who spent the day at a neighbor's home, could check up on Abbie through her neighbor's account.

"Why not have fun with it?" McCain said. "We thought it would be fun to show Joselyn that we were doing our job and babysitting Abbie."

Throughout the day, McCain uploaded pictures of the doll buckled up in the passenger seat, unloading corn, and having a snack before finally putting the collection of the pictures to his company's Facebook.

Of course, like any overbearing parent, 9-year-old Joselyn had a thing or two to say about some of the pictures.

"Joselyn didn't approve of the snack," Jodi said. "Slim Jims and coke was a little questionable. She thought she maybe needed a milk."

She also thought her doll needed a nap or two throughout the day.

Joselyn's mom Jodi laughed: "She's very much a little mother hen, as you can tell with Abbie. She's got several dolls [but] Abbie is very much her favorite."

McCain happily answered to his little girl's demands, because just as Abbie is the apple of Joselyn's eye, McCain's adopted daughter was very much daddy's little girl.

Before McCain and Jodi were married four years ago, he said Joselyn had already asked for him to become her dad. The father-daughter pair have been inseparable since.

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