Tattered and torn flag removed from Delaware County property

A Delaware County community wasn't happy about the condition of an American flag. They say it was tattered and torn.

The American flag is an iconic symbol of pride for those who display it but not so much for those who protest it. But there is a federal code governing how it must look as it flutters in the breeze.

When a frustrated military veteran sent us video of the tattered condition of old glory flying along Drexel Hill's Garrett Road, FOX 29 went to find out why. Turns out, the property that had displayed the flag at a small memorial recently changed hands.

Upper Darby township officials say they reached out to the new owners Batchelor Brothers Funeral Services to properly dispose if the flag .

Batchelor Brothers - not yet operating at this location yet - is in the process of major renovations. They told the township they would take care of it; however, that was around July 4th.

Neighbors and veterans say they didn't care who took it down but to fly the flag in this condition is disrespectful and against federal law.

New neighbors Batchelor Brothers told FOX 29 they feel the business is being treated unfairly pressured to remove it right now after years of neglect and disrepair and they're not even moved into the property yet.

By the end of our story, the flag was removed.