Teacher donates her kidney to her 8-year-old student

One 8-year-old girl has a big smile on her face in Milwaukee, Wisconsin because her teacher donated a kidney to her and possibly saved her life.

Natasha Fuller says she was in the hospital a lot.

Doctors say she needed a kidney transplant.

Her fighting spirit inspired her teacher to give her a kidney nine months ago.

"I knew this is something I wanted to do."

After transplant surgery in May and some recovery time, they are speaking out about their experience.

3rd grade teacher Jodi Schmidt says the take-away lesson can't be found in a textbook.

"She'll be in school now every day and she gets her friends, sleepovers and chocolate," Jodi said.

"My students have a different awareness of kindness and giving and it doesn't have to be an organ but just for the greater good of humanity."

"She cares about kids and she wants she wants them to be healthy so she helps them," Natasha said.

Doctors say more than 100,000 people are on the kidney transplant list each year, but only 14,000 actually get one.