Teacher sees student, 7, riding bike on highway, helps him save dad

(FOX NEWS) -- A first-grade teacher in South Carolina aided a "brave" 7-year-old boy she found pedaling down a highway last week in a race to save his father's life.

Keller Sutherland was driving home when she noticed other cars zipping past a young boy riding a bike down U.S. 25, the teacher said in a video posted to the Greenville County School's Facebook. She recognized the boy as Cameron, a 7-year-old former student. She immediately turned her car around and asked the boy what was going on.

Cameron told her that his diabetic father had collapsed at his house. He said he first tried to call 911, but he didn't know the passcode to his father's locked cell phone. He then tried the neighbors, but no one was home. His last recourse was to pedal five miles to his grandmother's house.

Good Samaritans along the way called 911, and first responders then followed Sutherland and Cameron to his house. They found his father barely conscious on the bathroom floor. He was treated at the scene and recovered.

According to Sutherland, the real hero that day was Cameron, calling him the "bravest little boy" she had ever seen. The teacher said she was just in the right place at the right time.

"God just showed up in an amazing way," said Sutherland. "On a day when I felt I wasn't making an impact, He just intervened and placed me where I needed to be for Cameron."