Police: Teen identified as person of interest in fatal stabbing of 64-year-old relative in South Philadelphia

Police are investigating a fatal stabbing in South Philadelphia, authorities say. 

According to officials, 1st District officers responded to the 2300 block of South 20th Street around 12:27 a.m. responding to a report of a stabbing in a private residence. 

When police and medics arrived on scene and entered the property, they found an unresponsive 64-year-old woman laying on her back in the hallway on the second floor, according to Chief Inspector Scott Small. She was later identified Elaine King.

Authorities say she was bleeding from a large laceration in her neck. 

"She was clearly stabbed several times in her neck," Small said. 

Medics pronounced the woman dead in the residence at 12:31 a.m., officials say. 

Police say a bloody knife with a 10-to-12-inch blade was found located about one foot away from the woman's head. 

According to authorities, the woman lives in the residence with several family members, including a 16-year-old boy who is a person of interest. 

The teen had blood and cuts on his hand and he was transported to Methodist Hospital. 

There were several other family members present at the property who witnessed the incident and are now talking to homicide detectives, Small said. 

Investigators say they were told the 16-year-old is related to the 64-year-old woman, but authorities are still working to identify the relation. 

Sources tell FOX 29's Steve Keeley that a cat was also stabbed in the abdomen but remains alive.