Teen Says Apple Watch Saved His Life

MARION, MA (WXTF)--A Massachusetts teen says his Apple watch saved his life.

17-year-old, Paul Houle, was having severe chest and back pains two hours after his football practice had already ended.

He checked his heart rate using his new Apple watch, which he had bought three days earlier--it was high at 145. Paul alled his trainer and had his heart rate checked manually.

The high school senior was taken to the hospital immediately--where he was diagnosed with Rhabdomyolysis.

"I was so dehydrated that my muscles started to actually break down and release a protein That is sort of toxic into my bloodstream which caused my heart, my liver and my kidneys all to shut down.'

"I'm just happy to be alive," Houle said. "We had a heat wave going through here."

Days later, Houle received a surprise phone call. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, called him to offer him the newest iPhone along with a prestigious internship with the company next summer.

Houle's final message? "Drink lots of water, and to also listen to your body. Seek help if something is wrong."