Teen Says He Wasn't Allowed to Bring Same-Sex Homecoming Date

Memphis, TN--A Memphis teenager says his school wouldn't let him bring a male date to the homecoming dance. The student says he's now been suspended for a week.

According to Lance Sanderson, the administration at the Christian Brothers High School says it is against policy to bring a boy to the dance.

Sanderson petitioned the school to change that policy, so he could bring a date to the dance. He claims the school made up reasons he couldn't bring someone.

"I was given several examples of statistics. They said gay couples have higher divorce rates.and they're violent. Just different things that didn't make sense and I've come to find out are not true," he told a local TV station.

No one at the school has commented on his suspension. Sanderson didn't end up going to the dance. He went to a gay pride festival instead.