Teen wins homecoming king after he passes away from cancer

A teen who passed away from Leukemia in October was still crowned homecoming king at his Texas high school.

17-year-old Nick Walker Peters began his battle with Cancer in the 5th grade and relapsed twice, which caused him to miss his entire freshman and sophomore years at Harlingen High School.

Nick returned to the school shortly earlier this year for his junior year but his health began to decline and he passed away on Oct 5, his mom said.

Just days later, he won homecoming king by a landslide - an honor that senior class president, Norman Torres, elected him for.

"I am really proud of the community of the students who stood behind him during his battle, culminating with the homecoming king win," Nick's mom, Judi Peters, told InsideEdition.com.

According to Judi, Norman Torres, who accepted the honor on Nick's behalf, had also been diagnosed with cancer and he and Nick would see each other at a treatment center that both attended in Houston.

"They asked if a family member wanted to accept. We thought it fitting that Norman accept on his behalf as he helped get him in the ballot and visited every month. He was a true friend!"

Nick's sister, Ashley, who donated her bone marrow to her brother before his passing also posed with his crown and sash on the special day.

But, according to Judi, the community had been supportive of Nick's battle the whole way through and the homecoming king honor just topped it off.

On Tuesdays in the month of September, students wore gold in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and made signs in support of Nick.

All the kids from his school would keep up with him on his Instagram and shared his story.

"Of course it was not the ending we hoped for," said Judi. "But the fact that Nick's battle made so many people aware of childhood cancer. His fight is going to continue."