Teen With Down Syndrome Celebrates Cancer-Free Diagnosis Months After Becoming Honorary Deputy

(INSIDE EDITION) An Oklahoma teen with Down syndrome, who was made an honorary deputy amid his battle with cancer, celebrated with his "fellow officers" as he was declared cancer-free.

Cade Wegener, 13, of Berryhill, was celebrated for the second time in a year by the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office when he was declared cancer free, just months after becoming an honorary deputy.

"We are happy to report that Cade has been declared cancer free," The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office wrote on Facebook. "He inspired us all with his courage and positive attitude. Congratulations Deputy Cade!"

The teen even rang their ceremonial bell, that signifies "a battle is won today," according to the plaque.

The show of solidarity comes just a year after Cade complained of a pain in his hip during gym class, KWTV reported. He was rushed to the pediatrician, and was diagnosed with a rare form of sarcoma after they found a tumor against his spine.

"Dropped a pretty big bomb on us and our family, and left us with not a whole lot of hope at that point," his dad, Chris Wegener, told KWTV.

To cheer the teen up, the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office recognized Cade as an honorary deputy of the department in April.

Sheriff Vic Regalado even presented Cade with a "Hero Among Heroes" award for his bravery and optimism in the face of cancer.

"I felt God say, 'Chris, I'm going to heal your son,'" the teen's father said to KWTV, "and that peace came over me and we've had a peace about it ever since."

To fund Cade's medical treatment, the family has since started a GoFundMe campaign.