Terrorism experts and Philadelphia police weigh in on intercepted explosive devices

As investigators scrambled to track down whoever built and mailed pipe bombs to locations across the country Wednesday, local terrorism experts and Philadelphia police were weighing in.

"These things are very concerning to us. We are monitoring their investigation up in New York City," Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross told reporters Wednesday afternoon..

"It could be a very deranged individual. It could be an angry individual. It could be anybody," terrorism expert Jack Tomarchio told FOX 29. "It's not a game. It's not a joke."

A crude pipe bomb was found at CNN's New York headquarters.Two other mail packages containing explosive devices were stopped at screening sites before they reached Bill and Hilary Clinton and former President Obama. Terrorism expert Jack Tomarchio says the system worked exactly as it was designed to.

"It appears to be an act that was thwarted by good security, good police work. Right now, nobody's been hurt, but obviously a very serious situation," Tomarchio said.

The Philadelphia region is no stranger to bombing incidents. A Bucks County man was arrested in June in connection with 30 unexplained explosions across rural Bucks County. He faces serious charges. As for the devices uncovered Wednesday, Tomarchio says bomb experts have a lot to work with.

"They're gonna look at the parts. They're gonna be able to maybe identify parts coming from a certain supply house or a certain store or a manufacturer. These are gonna have clues. They're gonna look at the packaging," he explained.

Next month also marks the two year anniversary of the Pine Street bombing. A package delivered to a local man exploded in his face causing serious injuries when he opened it. The bomber was caught on camera delivering the package and making his getaway. He remains at large. Tomarcio believes whoever made the devices discovered Wednesday will be caught.

"It wouldn't surprise me within the next 72 hours we will have an identification possibly of this individual," Tomarchio added.

"Don't be that person who has that regret and says I wish I would have made that phone call," Commissioner Ross added.

Commissioner Ross says local terrorism experts are visiting and checking with the city's local politicians and local media outlets. Tomarchio believes this was an act of domestic terrorism. He says the packaging and the components could have fingerprints or DNA that could lead federal investigators to the bomb maker.