Texas teen uses TikTok to sabotage abortion whistleblower website

As the Biden administration vows to take on Texas Senate Bill 8 banning nearly all abortions in court, a Fort Bend County teen is taking on the law through TikTok.

Olivia Julianna, 18, used sarcasm, her knowledge of social media, and her followers to overwhelm prolifewhistleblower.com. 

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The website was created by Texas Right to Life and allowed for anyone to submit tips about women suspected of illegally getting an abortion. Julianna encouraged her followers to submit fake tips to crash the site. It worked. The website crashed multiple times.

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Other TikTok users followed suit and created videos with similar messages.

"I really wasn't surprised when it took off that fast because I know so many young people are really passionate about this issue," Olivia told FOX 26.

The website was created after the passage of Senate Bill 8 which prohibits abortions after 6 weeks. It allows for Texans to sue anyone suspected of illegally getting an abortion or aiding it in some way and fining them 10 thousand dollars.

"My generation, we grew up on the internet and if they're going to use that to come at us and take our rights away from them then we're going to use our knowledge of it to fight back against them," Olivia added.

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Olivia says the idea came to her after teens used TikTok to reserve tickets to former President Trump rallies and then not go.

Texas Right to Life had trouble finding a new hosting site for their whistleblower website after GoDaddy took it down. The organization told FOX 26 on Wednesday afternoon it found a new host but did not provide further details. 

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