The ABCs of PPA: A lesson on avoiding ticketing and towing

Parking is a problem in Philadelphia -- maybe even most drivers' pet peeves.

You feel good when you find a spot, but then see a fire hydrant -- or go back to double-check the sign to see if it's really legal.

FOX 29's Hank Flynn reports the Philadelphia Parking Authority ("The PPA don't play!") will be holding a workshop next month to try to teach us how to avoid parking tickets -- or getting towed.

On June 17 at 10am, they'll hold a workshop for people who get parking tickets, or find parking signs confusing, or have trouble parallel parking and so forth.

You have to email to register. Click here for the details.

So what happens if you park a few inches beyond a sign? Will that get you a ticket or towed? Bring your questions if you're accepted!

Hank's take: It's better for the PPA to slow down, and stop ticketing and towing cars as a source of revenue. It's backward prioritizing and it's hurtful to plenty of good people every day.