‘The Masked Singer’: Raccoon scurries out of the season following big reveal

"The Masked Singer" panelist Jenny McCarthy, couldn’t have said it better herself when she exclaimed "this is the craziest season ever," after the Racoon’s identity was revealed. 

So how did the furry performer do? To put it lightly, their performance was trash. 

But the reveal was absolutely cinematic when fans saw acting legend  Danny Trejo under the mask. 

"This was just like fun! Man, I was the cutest raccoon in the world," Trejo said in an exclusive exit interview. 

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"I’ll be seeing you again," Trejo said to his mask before giving it a kiss on the nose. 

While everyone’s sad to see their favorite garbage panda exit this incredible season, Trejo said he has nothing but good memories with the character. 

He explained how he always plays villains in all his movies but this was by far his favorite and most beloved. 

"You know if they would’ve judged me on cuteness alone, I would’ve won."

Unfortunately, that award might go to Kermit the Frog who was the first to be revealed this season. 

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