Theft of trophy has one local brewery asking for its return

It's a theft from a local brewery. But, not beer and not even cash, but the thief stole something with sentimental value.

Some things should go without saying. "No alcoholic beverages beyond this point," so stay back with that beer.

"Restricted area," means don't go there.

And, trophy on display. So, don't steal it.

Apparently, instructions weren't enough for the man caught on camera last weekend at La Cabra Brewing, sliding the trophy down his pants. And, off he went.

Because a police report wasn't filed, FOX 29 won't show the man's face, but La Cabra put the incident on social media, with music and some humorous commentary on the thief's inner thoughts.

"Oh, look at this, this looks good. I'm gonna steal this," from the imagined commentary in the video on social media.

So far, more than 13,000 views on Facebook.

The trophy was hard-earned. La Cabra won top prize among best new beers in the region at last year's Brewvitational, as it's called. Dozens of breweries entered, but only one best beer trophy was awarded, for the Peter Flemish Red.

"It's been sort of a five-year process, maybe longer, to develop the recipe and hone it in and then have it ready for prime time," stated Chuck Golder, with La Cabra Brewing. "To see it finally make its way to the spotlight and be recognized for the quality that it is, was something very special."

Now the hardware is gone, thanks to the heist.

"We're just really interested in the trophy back. We're not really super interested in the gentleman himself, or who he is or why he did what he did. Effectively, we just want our prize back," said Golder.

As do customers.

"Why would someone steal a trophy? That makes no sense to me," said Wayne Duboy.

"I don't know how someone has the guts to do something like that," stated Mary Pat Mauer.

"I don't understand why anybody would do something like that. They worked so hard for something. And, to take it, what joy is it giving them?" Donna Messersmith said.

"Just give it back. You know, bring it back," added Mike Messersmith.