'This is my favorite pool': Philadelphia pools strategically closing for the season

It may feel like Philadelphia city pools just opened for the season, but beginning Friday, some of those pools are closing down and it isn’t even mid-August. But, it is the beginning of the end of summer.

"This is my favorite pool because it’s clear and it’s not dirty and they have really nice guards here," Mathyas Serrano said.

"I’m happy I’m here," chimed in Elias Serrano.

The Serrano brothers aren’t happy their neighborhood pool is one of the first to close for the summer. "If we were to celebrate here, my mom would bring a table and chairs and all that normal pool party stuff. We would invite the guards and other people," Mathyas added.


Mathyas and Elias are sad they won’t be able to celebrate their 10th birthday next week at the pool, they were making the most of their last day of the season at the pool.

American Legion pool is one of four closing and officials will be gradually closing many other pools over the next few weeks, well ahead of Labor Day.

"It really comes down to staffing. We have high school kids and college kids and adults going back to school or vacation. It really puts a strain on the system, as far as how many pools we can keep open," explained Parks and Rec Commissioner Bill Salvatore.

"I think it’s sad. We still have time left for summer. The kids and people enjoy the pool," Vanessa Torres commented.

Officials say they try to be strategic about closures as their pool staff dwindles through the end of summer. "Hopefully, we did the math right and there’s a pool within a five-minute drive of a pool that’s closed," Salvatore remarked.

"I would have to go somewhere else for another pool and they love the lifeguards here. They have swimming lessons. They’re familiar with the guards and like them," mom Michelle Serrano said.

The city hopes to keep at least two pools open through Labor Day weekend.