Toddler accidentally buys $430 couch on Amazon while playing with phone, mom says

A California mother is warning others to lock down their Amazon accounts after her 2-year-old daughter purchased a $430 couch through her shopping app — with just one click.

Isabella McNeil had been recently looking at couches on the Amazon app on her cell phone but apparently did not to close the application properly when she handed her phone to her daughter. The mother of two said that last week, her daughter made the impromptu purchase and she didn't know anything about it until the coach was on its way.

"I was just so shocked," McNeil told KNSD. "I thought, 'Did I buy a couch in my sleep?'"

It turns out 2-year-old Rayna, instead of playing a game on the phone, opened up the Amazon app and pressed on the "Buy Now" button, which advertises purchasing items with just "one click."

With that one click, the toddler purchased the $430 couch, McNeil said. She didn't know what her daughter did until days later, when she received a notification on her phone that read: "Your couch has shipped."

McNeil quickly tried to cancel the order, but said it was too late. She told the news station that if she were to return it, it'd cost her a $79 restocking fee, and would need to pay for shipping costs around $100. She's now trying to sell the couch online.

McNeil described the situation as "lesson learned."

"Now I know it’s really dangerous and [I need] to make sure the Amazon app is closed before my daughter takes the phone. It’s just so easy," she said.

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