Toddler, infant brothers' cries for help save Upper Darby parents overdosing on heroin

Upper Darby Police are investigating after cries for help from a bathroom window alerted neighbors to a heartbreaking scene: two young brothers worried for their parents as they overdosed on heroin on the other side of the bathroom door.

The desperate cries of a 4-year-old boy got the attention of neighbor Kendra Outen, who called 911, sending officers rushing to the 7000 block of Greenwood Avenue.

"He said, 'Can you please help me? My mommy and daddy are locked in the bathroom. Can you help me?' I said, 'They're in the bathroom?'"

When officers arrived, neighbors say the 4-year-old and his 1-year-old brother grabbed the police officer's leg, crying for help.

After struggling to open the bathroom door, police found 32-year-old Sean Dolhancryk, his girlfriend and Sandra Dicianno, 31, with drugs all over. Syringes. A Spoon. Ten bags, three of which were opened.

Narcan brought the parents back while neighbors cared for the boys.

"We fed them," one neighbor said. "We washed and bathed them, you know, because the little baby needed his diaper changed. They [are] both two innocent little children. Life [is] just beginning for those kids. You just want to keep them out of that. You don't want them to get depressed. You don't want them sad."

"The addiction is more powerful than love of your children." Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said. "That's the bottom line."

Chitwood says the parents were among five overdoses in one day on Wednesday, with the children having the most to lose.

"This is a perfect example of destroying the family. These kids don't have a chance," he said.

The parents face numerous drug charges. Their boys are now in the care of extended family.

"They play with the kids. They take them to the park. They do good things with their children," one neighbor tells Fox 29. "They're excellent parents, you know, except for what's going on."

Police in Upper Darby say they hope the parents can get the help they need. They say that, within the last two years, they've used Narcan to save more than 200 lives.